Publications on the Mediterranean diet

One of the principle missions of the Mediterranean Diet Foundation is to support and stimulate research on the Mediterranean Diet, on its components, and on methods of soil cultivation and animal breeding to produce the diet’s components. Innovative research focusing on the diet, the interaction of its elements, and its effects on human health is, in fact, indispensable.

The latest updates on recent publications focusing on the diet and links to documents that can be unloaded can be found here.

An Epidemiological Study on the Food habits of Some Italian teenagers.

The study was carried out by the National Italian Research Council – Institute of Neuroscience, Aging Branch, Padova, and the Mediterranean Diet Foundation. The scientific directors, Prof. Gaetano Crepaldi and Dr. Stefania Maggi, led a team seeking to:

  • examine the dietary habits of a group of Italian adolescents attending mid schools;
  • to estimate the frequency of cardiovascular risk factors and in particular dietary risk factors in the population studied and specifically the quality and types of food consumed including potassium rich foods, fruits and vegetables, alcohol and coffee.

A summary of the study can be unloaded here at this link.