Research on the Mediterranean Diet today

Research on the Mediterranean diet has made remarkable progress in recent years thanks to the new technologies that are available and new study techniques. But, most critically, progress in research has mainly been due to the urgency of some alarming public health scenarios; obesity, for example, is a health problem that concerns ever more Italians and individuals living throughout the Mediterranean basin. Also in view of these health emergencies, the Foundation is focusing on the effects of the diet, on its components, and the diseases that it can prevent.

Research on the Mediterranean diet is now concentrating its energy on two important areas:

  • Some of the beneficial effects of the diet such as a reduction in the incidence of various diseases, among which cancer and cardiovascular and metabolic diseases;
  • Improving the techniques of cultivating and producing the components of the diet.

The QUAFETY project – Comprehensive Approach to Enhance Quality and Safety of Ready to Eat Fresh Products.

The QUAFETY project is co-funded by the European commission through the 7th framework program involving 14 partners , including 6 universities, 2 R&D Institutions, and 6 SME (small and medium enterprises) from 7 different countries (Italy, United Kingdom, Israel, Poland, Netherlands, Portugal and Greece).

Information on the project can be found in the dedicated website.

The following link leads to information on the research unit directed by Giancarlo Colelli (Dept. of Science Agriculture, Food & Environment – (SAFE- of the University of Foggia).