Mediterranean Diet and Healthy of the Enderly Population Workshop

The first Workshop about Mediterranean Diet and Healthy of the Elderly Population was organised by Menarini International Foundation and Mediterranean Diet Foundation on the 4th September 2018 in Bari (Italy). At the event took part several exponents of the scientific world. There was Jack Guralnik, Professor Epidemiology and Public Health of the University of Maryland, Luigi Ferrucci, Scientific Director of the National Institute on Aging in USA, Stefano Volpato, Professor of Geriatrics of the University of Ferrara, Claudio Bilato, Director of the Cardiology Unit ASL Ovest Vicentino in Arzignano, Maria Chiara Corti, Director of the Epidemiology Unit of Veneto Region. All scientific activities were promoted and cordinated by Stefania Maggi, General Director of the Mediterranean Diet Foundation and Research Director of CNR Aging Program in Padova. The Professor Gaetano Crepaldi, President of the Mediterranean Diet Foundation, supervised the carrying out of the activities. In the workshop were studied in deep the last new researchs about molecular and genetics mechanisms of aging processes, and the actions that a Mediterranean lifestyle and nutrition could have to improve the life quality of elderly people.